Saturday, May 30, 2009

Next move in life

We are finished with school and moving into the next chapter with homeschool. I went to the first mom's meeting and we have most of our summer planned out now. We will be starting Latin a week from Monday and hope to start our summer history in late June. The assessments need to be finished and shipped back this weekend. So much to do plus keep my business afloat. I would love to quit work, just not at the peril of living in a cardboard box somewhere. I prayed too hard about this to look back. My oldest finished the school year with honors and awards that I never dreamed possible for him. I have to say, to the credit of the staff there, they transformed my child into one that loves learning. He had an amazing teacher and I am grateful that he was there this year. As things go, we had to decide what works for the entire family. My youngest was bored and wound up helping her brothers with homework. My middle child fell behind, struggled and didn't make friends. So that sums up the school year in a nutshell.
Right now we are praying about joining a co-op with some other moms that would meet once a week. The kids are anxious to meet other kids that they would have something in common. I will post more on our family blog about this.
Today I am working, sewing, tackling admin. and we will probably have a cookout for dinner. I am helping another mom plan a road trip to some shrines for later this year. I hope it goes well. I haven't been there in almost 15 years. I know my kids will love it.
Sigh. Back to work.

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