Sunday, February 22, 2009

FSSP and Lexington

We were able to get to All Saints today for the EF and reception with Fr. Flood. I am so glad we went! We were able to chat for a bit after Mass and ask questions, etc. It has to be an exciting time for them because the need is great for priests and apostolates. It is nice that they are so willing to see the concerns and questions of the people. I hope some day they will be an integral part of many diocese. It was definitely a nice way to start the day(and with Lent coming.) Hope is always a good thing.
On another note, I was pleased the priests at our school had confessions offered again. The more children go, the less of a chore it is. This is a great thing and it is one aspect of why I am glad they are there now. I have to trust God will lead us. Nothing is certain anymore. It is a scary and exciting time to be alive. What do people do with no faith? Especially those who are out of work and money. My brother mentioned that attendance is up at a parish(40%?? in a year) and a Christian church in Cincinnati has experienced great growth. Anyway, it's an interesting subject. I need to go find some way to stay warm.

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