Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wouldn't it be great....

...if all our bishops did this?

Bishop takes stand on faith at forum

Yeah, I know he burst in, whatever. But forced himself in to take a stand against the pamby USCCB document that leaves room for debate and say "here is what the church teaches" and hits it dead on! How medieval and powerful! Amazing. This is the time when we will be judged by what we did or did not do. Stand up for truth and the right to life!
Down with Obama and the horse he rode in on!
(story courtesy of NOR)
(Someone mentioned that the photo shows the bible, I didn't want to be "misinterpreted". It is meant to show vigilance and truth, not be taken literally. Ahem.)

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ignorant redneck said...

I'm not sure a Bishop can bage in--priests don't have their own minisrty, their work is an extension of the Bishops ministry, and so is their teaching.

What happpened is, I think, a Bishop got tired of people, including priests, distorting his teachings and ministry, and finding ways around him by just being disobedient.

Not unlike when a Father finds out about a party that his highschool kids are having--nope, not today, kids! Dad's here!