Wednesday, October 15, 2008


He's just spewing nonsense at this point. This is the entire version of the snippet they keep replaying elsewhere. Why would the plumber want to go back ten years, Barry? That's crazy talk. These are NOT TAX CUTS. They are credits, in the form of rebate check and most people I know won't qualify. It's all for college, green vehicles and this scary "make work pay" which is all vague. I think "Make work pay" is code for "if you are lazy, you win". This WSJ article is a good but frightening read.
Obama's 95% Illusion

On "abortion as an issue":
Poll: ‘Pro-Choice’ Americans, Restrict Abortion

On other issues, the survey conducted by the Catholic organization found that Catholic voters share similar views with the general population. For example, 70 percent of registered voters and 70 percent of registered practicing Catholics say they would vote for a candidate who believes marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Then we should have this in the bag. We don't. I need to shut my brain off for a few days.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

PLEASE don't shut your brain off! I almost lost hope this morning listening to the radio. The reason this country is in the tank is because too many people shut their brains off (too tired to fight, like me) or never got them turned on in the first place!

He totally spews nonsense all the time. I wish someone would just call him on it for ONCE! Someone should just shout in his face..."what the bleepity bleep are you talking about???" You should just come out and say, "I want to take from the rich and give to the poor. Period." why dance around it if you're so proud of your ever-lovin "plan"??? If you really don't see what's wrong with that, why don't you shout it from the mountaintop?

AAARRRGGGGGG!!!! I won't have any hair left after this debate tonight, I'm sure of it!

Kit said...

He just flat-out lied about his associations and his positions on abortion, the BAIPA...and he's such a smooth talker, make that a silver tongued devil, people don't question much less challenge him!

At a few points, I was yelling at the tv, begging McCain to take him on. ("HOW would the BAIPA 'erode' Roe v. Wade?) This is no time to fight like a gentleman - biting, scratching and throwing sand is not cheating if you want to win and save this country!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This year's political race is sooooooo scary. I can't believe that anyone falls for his crap! And then during the debate he said he was opposed to partial-birth abortion except to protect the health of the mother. Well get your facts straight buster, if a baby is old enough to require the doctor to suck it's brains out to kill it, most likely it's old enough to survive with a bit medical attention! Aaaaaaaa!

*end rant*

God bless