Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Listen to them, you drones!

They are scared of the crazy man with secrets. CHARACTER MATTERS. God bless our troops!

Military Times Presidential Poll

Pay close attention to the "What is the most important issue for you in deciding
for whom you will vote for president?". Look at the overwhelming response to "character". Character equals forthrightness, morals, etc. and bottom line, they SHOULD matter. Iraq is not nearly as important to our troops. Wow. Sigh. In God's hands, I know. Maybe the lawyer in Penn. will push forward with the birth certificate issue(plus he has hidden school and other records) and this will be a moot point(We don't care if he is not American, he is our savior, they will chant!). The super-majority aspect is scary to pro-lifers. More babies will die and God help our country if "that one" gets his wish. I was telling Mr. Thorn the other night that we need a black president like David Palmer. Does that make me a dreamer? Then I wouldn't think Colin Powell a pro-death leaning traitor. He and David Palmer could even run on the same ticket. Ish. Too much caffeine here.

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