Monday, September 1, 2008

A whirlwind...

And I am not talking about Gustav! Our parish festival was this weekend. I hope to post some photos soon. It was very successful(despite "Hurricane Bernard" that came through at 5 pm Friday night). Today I on Labor Day.
For those asking about the thyroid info, I purchased mine from: Nutri-meds
I plan to call my GP this week as these are helping(the adrenal and the thyroid) but I know they are weak comparatively. These are just until I can find a doctor who is not a "lab-addict". If you want to see if you, too, may be sub-clinical, this site was helpful: Stop the Thyroid Madness!
As for an update, my basal temps are higher, my hair stopped falling out(for the most part) and I am actually getting hot in the hot weather(I am usually cold always). I really hope to find a doctor that will help me further. We have a lack of endocrinologists in this area. I visited the only two practices in Northern Kentucky. Both missed the hypothyroid diagnosis. There is A LOT to be said of naturopath docs and alternative medicine. If I had went that route, I would have been on a road to recovery much sooner and wouldn't be on my own "cocktail" of supplements.

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