Monday, September 22, 2008

More tears.

Should I continue to have children despite special needs?

Another amazing example and insight from one of my favorite bloggers. I have prayed and feel that being wholly and truly pro-life means being open to all life in all ways. I've come a long way in this journey and hope that I am not afraid of the "what's next". Whatever that next is.


Tracy said...

That is so wonderful.. being open to "whatever" God has planned for you is all God is asking of you.. he will do the rest!! Good for you:)

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

Thanks for your beautiful comment and link. May God bless you in your journey with your children.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you! You are such a good Mom - many women would not even think twice about just abortiong their baby if any possibility about it 'not being perfect' arose! I will pray for you. You are led by grace!

Look at about fighting the Freedom of Choice Act. We must make every possible way for babies to be born according to the mind and Will of God, as He sees fit; not as man does or does not. Check it out! God continues to Bless you, since you are so conscious of His Will!