Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bees, RNC and Valium.

1. Bees. Mr. Thorn bought a bag of something called Sevin to pour around a hole by our front stoop that has become the gateway to a bee colony from hell. It was like an airport out there. Today, it is covered in a white, smokey powder. When it was light out, one lonely bee was limping around the spot of his former bee tarmac and he is now gone. There ends the story of our bees.

2. RNC. I have been watching far too much politics lately. It's becoming a bit like a bad relationship. I don't want to get too vested an interested only to feel dumped if things don't go as planned come November. The anxiety and let down is too great. I'm going to try to keep my distance. I get too involved.

3. Valium. Yesterday, trip number two to dentist. Mini-dose to calm tiny Thorn down. I'm a wreck. Grandma Thorn comes along as back-up. Tiny Thorn calls for Mommy Thorn to come back in the dentist office because "she is just too scared". Tiny Thorn is scared of the tubing that goes over the nose with the "happy stuff" in it. Takes 45 minutes to convince her all will be okay and we want the hurting tooth to stop. Tooth is abscessed. Doctor removes tooth. It's over. For now. We need to return to have spacer put in. Oy.

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Samantha said...

I feel ya on #2. Ooooh, I stole your quote today in my post. :-) Many thanks!