Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A short update

This is "crunch week" for me. We have a ginormous wholesale order I am wrapping up, our church festival and meetings with the boy's therapists underway. The full effects of the desiccated thyroid have been running my life a bit, too. My temps are going up slightly and I know my body is trying to adjust to having thyroid and adrenal present. Just giving me a case of the woozies. I don't know of anyone who has dealt with this so I am on my own to research and deal with the effects of the supplement. Today, I am just wiped out. There, I said it. I hope to get a breather next week after the holiday. This week is just dang spooky. I have something scheduled everyday on top of the business demands. I will be taking off a full day soon. I need it for my body and brain.

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deanna said...

I am also dealing with thyroiod issues. I actually have growths on my thyroid and it does not function properly. I finally went to a medical doctor, as opposed to the natropath I usually see. He told me to go as what he was having me take was not working. I did not have fertility concerns, but everything else; no weight loss, hair loss, always cold, very dry skin. You know what I am talking about. At any rate, I take armour thyroid which is a perscription. I also take desacated adrenals and something called thyroid activator. My husband is a very big help in this since he is a certified natural health professional. My growths have shrunk, I think mainly due to the natural supplements I have been taking. Thyroid issues are very common in women and doctors often are reluctant to look into our concerns. Good luck and keep at it, eventually you will see results.