Sunday, August 10, 2008

On a Sunday

Thought we would take it easy. Eh, didn't entirely happen. After Mass, went to lunch, picked up parents "miracle dog" came home, Mr. Thorn cut grass. Then the kids were hungry(doggonit, I fed them today already) so I go to the kitchen and cooked food like a nut. Made vegetarian vegetable soup, banana bread and we got hot dogs from the grill on the way. The dog is confused. Hmm. The house smells great! Said dog will be picked up in about 2 hours. I think we wore her out. We still have to ship from the airport tonight. Tomorrow is Mr. Thorn's birthday and we are going to a place on the river with the kids and parents. Only one week until school starts. For the first year, I really wish I was homeschooling. They fight, yes, but I don't like the total quiet. How weird is that?

Oh, and the mommy question of the week was:

"Mom, what is the opposite of gravy?"

How would you answer? The answer can't prompt more questions or be flip and sarcastic. Betcha can't do it.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Oooooo, that's a GOOD one! Hmmm, the opposite of gravy must be something non-runny, non-lumpy, non-brown, non-oily, non-salty

sooooo, it would have to be something dry (powdered), smooth, whitish, hmmm, how about the opposite of gravy is powdered alum or maybe cream of tartar???

That's MY daughter(14) automatically said "ranch dressing".

a thorn in the pew said...

powdered My son would look at me like I made it up. But, hmm, that's better than I would have done. My dh said "jello".

CatholicConvert said...

I would pick 'broth' (clear soup) - as opposite as you can get and still be a liquid additive.

LarryD said...

Opposite of gravy? And I can't be flip? So I couldn't suggest, say, "trivial"?

Ok, that was really really bad.

How about tapioca pudding?

Anonymous said...

The opposite of gracy: no gravy.

Homeschooling is tough, but rewarding. You can always send them back to school after trying it for a year, or at least try it with one child to start. Betch won't send them to school again! It may drive you nuts; but, it's a good nuts. Especially keeping in mind that you as the teacher can embue Catholic teaching in all subjects and not be worrying about what IS being taught to your kids - EVEN IN A SO CALLED, "CATHOLIC SCHOOL."

Been there.

Sorry I didn't do it sooner.

It isn't for everyone - God Bless you and your family.

And thanks for the pattern giveaway comment!


Anonymous said...

"the opposite of gravy" sounds like one of those net flix commericals.

Home School...go for it, what's the worst thing that can happen? you have to send them back to school.

Marie said...

The opposite of gravy is easy: mashed potatoes!

a thorn in the pew said...

My brother tonight said "a stick", I countered with "pantyhose". Gravy is a wierd food. It's liquid meat, really.

Anonymous said...

or just thickened broth...