Thursday, July 10, 2008


I spent the day cleaning my studio. Yuck. Ribbon, fabric, pins, dust bunnies and thread everywhere. I wanted to take the kids swimming in the backyard but...Mr. Thorn hit a snake with the lawn mower last night and its snake-ness kinda went plewie - all over(we have had a run on snakes sightings and as an observer of all things spiritual, it didn't surprise me). So, not wanting to deal with kids in bare feet stepping on snake guts, I opted for a day of cleaning. I do not clean well. I become hyper-focused and anal and get very little accomplished. Now the things I do get to are uber-clean but the rest...well, it just takes me forever. It is also my first day off soft drinks. I didn't bottom out in energy and I didn't get a head ache. I am tossing around the idea of calling my OB/GYN on Monday about going back on Clomid. I'm going to pray about it. I know things aren't quite right because my temp just kinda floats along and doesn't have a good rise. I stopped taking Vitamin E and I really need to get back on that. That I will do, regardless. I need to cut tomatoes and prep dinner. It's family game night. We have Jiffy Pop. Woo.

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