Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eegads. It's on a Friday.

Did anyone else just catch it?(Probably just me) It hit me like bricks in the middle of the grocery tonight that July 4th is on a Friday this year. Ack. My dad ordered a big meat tray. We picked up "fish nuggets" tonight to heat in the oven. Other than that, we have a cake(for middle Thorn's birthday), a hash brown casserole and we have a tradition of making a Martha Stewart recipe called Alexis' Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies. With so much going on, it didn't occur to me. Am I the only one that had this "whoops"?


Lily said...

Oh carp! It never even occurred to me, I was sidetracked by dd's milestone birthday this week. Now I've got a sticky wicket to handle. Egads!

Anonymous said...

thought about it last night while brushing my teeth (?). then had a fleeting thought, maybe the bishop would give a dispensation like he does on st. patrick's day for corned beef...then i thought nah, no one abstains on friday anymore. guess i'll just eat cake and corn salad all day.