Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dang hard to believe...

....that her biggest concern is her two children being kicked out of Catholic school.

Suit challenges obscenity law
Hustler manager says sex offender registration unconstitutional

I know. Wha???? But if you have your children in a Covington Diocese Catholic School, isn't it fun knowing some mommy, possibly your child's class mate's mommy, is a smut dealer? Oh wait, there is no commandment that specifically says "Thou shalt not work for Hustler" so it must be fine by God.

Because of the woman's fear of being convicted of pandering obscenity and having to register as a sex offender, she has put off an expansion of the Hustler store downtown, something the store's strong sales suggest should be done, the suit notes.

Ah, the joys of living in Cincinnati. Where right is right as long as something doesn't get in the media and people find out it may classify as sinful. Then they get upset her "rights" are being called to task. The comments border on vile from smut supporters. Yuck. Now I have to fix dinner. Pray for this woman and her poor children.


Christine said...

Sometimes I wonder when God has had enough.

Soutenus said...

That is just crazy in so many ways --
Are the public schools in that town so bad that people send their kids to Catholic school solely for better academics?? Why does she work there???????? It's late - maybe that is why I just do not get it.
I agree Christine - Sometimes I wonder when God has had enough, too.