Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wierd. Longer but not worse.

We were at the doctors all afternoon. We left at dinner time. I know many parents despise handheld video games but for this mom, they have saved me many times from public "breakdown". If we did not have them, we couldn't manage going out of the house. Something in the brain of an asperger's child will not allow them to just "be". Therefore, "I won't have anything to do" is a common cry we hear in this house. So we had our 3+ hour doctor visit, no harassing me over vaccines(making progress) and although I had to skip lunch yesterday(nerves and anxiety over a long outing with kids), we made it through with no major incidents. Because my older boys are the ones who need extra help, many people don't think of how hard it is, technically, to manage if one of them needs to go to the restroom or if "I" have to use the restroom. It can get tricky if not ugly because of all the dangers of walking off, stares, and the anxiety not feeling safe. Anyway, we have come to live with it and yesterday went well and it usually does not(I was proud of them being able to mind me). It was a long day but it usually goes badly and thanks to the wonderful people at Nintendo(and prayer) we made it through.
Today we had another "therapy mishap", one of the therapists was a no show(again) and that stresses the boys out when I tell them something is happening and it doesn't. We will make it through. I need a bunch of craft supplies and new stuff to distract them. I'm getting used to this. Back to work...

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Tracy said...

this mom likes handheld games... :) they can be very, very helpful indeed!!