Friday, June 27, 2008

Kack. A form of "Where's Waldo?"

Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk at Saint Anthony's Church in Madisonville as the parish celebrates its 150th anniversary.

As a busy week of last minute orders for the upcoming holiday winds down, I find some local stuff that made my hair stand on end. It's more like the Highlight's Magazine for children where you circle the hidden pictures. How many abuses can you spot in the tiny photo?

(For the record, there is no way to hide undergarments under a white leotard. TMI.)
H/T to Ten Reasons


deanna said...

I wish the picture were bigger so I could see more but here goes: 1.dancing girls,2. no candles in sight, 3. girls behind the altar, 4. glass chalice, 5. is the choir also behind the altar, 6. I do not see any corporals on the altar cloth-could just be the picture. Is there a crucifix anywhere? How about a tabernacle? That's all I can find!

a thorn in the pew said... are good. You got some I missed. Yeah, I grabbed the tiny pic from the Catholic Telegraph online.

LarryD said...

Good catch on the abuses.

The violinist is playing during the consecration (unless it's the Memorial Acclamation). He isn't wearing red with the rest of the choir, and he's off key.