Sunday, June 8, 2008

Father Fitzgerald update

Next Sunday will be his last Mass at St. Bernard Church in Dayton. We are sad, needless to say, but we have been sad since we found out he was leaving. I know some have asked about him from outside the city and you can feel free to come next Sunday at 12:15, we were told this will be the last Mass. Also, St. Bernard's will switch to a Low Mass during the summer months as we are old school with the cooling situation. It is getting toasty(Fr. informed me this afternoon, "not as hot as hell, though". I will be using this with my children, as I do not think he has trademarked this expression) Next Sunday may be the last High Mass for a bit, for those interested.

On another note, I have found many bloggers on Facebook and many have replied through my combox(I am not publishing, as promised). Feel free to add your Facebook email, or you can leave your email for an invite to Facebook. There is a huge community of like-minded folk there and it is refreshing and comforting.

I feel guilty having baked potatoes in the oven today with the heat. I get sad and reflective(and thankful) when I think of all those with no A/C when the heat of the summer hits. God bless them in their suffering. It's also a great lesson for my children when they whine about being hot at Mass ;) Oddly enough, the youngest "princess" was the only one crestfallen over the temperature in church today. The boys didn't care. On days like this, I am just thankful to have an amazing parish, priest and church for Sunday obligation. Many do not have these things are they truly are a blessing in the life of my family. I pray that others who find a situation similar to ours("roamin' Catholics" or worse no where to roam to) will find a home. Did I mention there were many new people/families at Mass today, despite the heat? God is good, our traditional community is growing.

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