Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just so you know

My business is a big dang mess right now. I haven't had much time to blog and cruise and I really need a diversion. I have two components that are about to make me mental. One, my web host that I use for my company has tech support in India and the mail client in China and I am here in the US ready to see if I can launch a personal war against both. They simply don't work and I truly value English speaking help when I am in need. The other is a migration for another aspect of my business that is going quite poorly(an issue of time management). Double whammied. Did I mention this is the last week of true productivity before my darling children are out of school for the summer? Now that I write it, it all seems rather silly and whiny. I just wanted to post what the heck happened to my usual daily entries. I just have to solve "life" and pray that my business will be back up and running soon. As much as I heart technology, sometimes it's perfectly normal to feel like hurling a coffee cup into the monitor. It is normal. Right?

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Anonymous said...

ewww, doesn't sound good. sorry things are bad. will pray.