Thursday, May 22, 2008

Equity loans to get to work

'Squawk Box' Guest Warns of $12-15-a-Gallon Gas

Is this fear-mongering? Can't we lose a few polar bears to get these prices where normal people can afford to drive to work? I'm glad I work from a home office. I need to read some good news from some place. This isn't helping. We could ride horses! Hay and apples are cheaper than gas. We have lots of those horse things here in the Bluegrass State.
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Anonymous said...

i'm just waiting for president obama to nationalize the oil companies and airlines. then things will be so much nicer.
sarcasm off. (sort of)

a thorn in the pew said...

Maybe he will even let us ration gas based on how much money we make. That would be fair. And we could earn vouchers for gas like food stamps.

Anonymous said...

and make us all install little thingys on our thermostats so the police can drive down the street and set the proper temperature for everyone. wwwweeeeeeeeeeee won't this be great~!!!!