Friday, May 30, 2008

Bodies The Exhibition UPDATE

Mom de Guerre has left an update in the combox regarding this horrific display. I wanted to share it here:

Important update!

NY Attorney General concludes his investigation with this:

"The grim reality is that Premier Exhibitions has profited from displaying the remains of individuals who may have been tortured and executed in China," said Attorney General Cuomo. "Despite repeated denials, we now know that Premier itself cannot demonstrate the circumstances that led to the death of the individuals. Nor is Premier able to establish that these people consented to their remains being used in this manner. Respect for the dead and respect for the public requires that Premier do more than simply assure us that there is no reason for concern."

Let's shut this crap down. Enough is enough. I had a well-written, respectful email to the wing of the museum in charge of the display and they didn't have the decency to reply.

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John14:15 said...

Thank God for this welcome development and for Attorney General Cuomo's persistence.