Friday, May 9, 2008

Always Our Children and the DPAA

It's that time again. Time for the DPAA, our diocesan annual appeal. This year, I decided to donate because I believe in my parish and the good they do(We have a parish pantry, for one). I am not totally "gung-ho" on the DPAA because of some questionable funding. Why, on God's green earth, do we still support Always Our Children with diocesan money? It is only because it is a small amount of funds(I hope) that go into this program that I gave at all. I gave because I believe in my parish, in my pastor and in Holy Mother Church. I question some of the crazy things that are done in this diocese and the way money is spent. Always Our Children is one of those "things". I know this program is not in every diocese but it was founded by deception(pushed through without official votes from the bishops) and has been questionable from the beginning. There are ways to minister to the gay community without blurring the line between loving and sanctioning. Always Our Children is not the solution. (Just my opinion. Don't go telling me off in the combox) I believe in helping the poor with food, love, shelter and clothing. I believe in helping our retired religious and seminarians.

I did find some background on this "letter" which somehow, spear-headed a movement to form a ministry without clear intentions.

Always Our Children: Flawed & Defective
Peter and Paul Ministries

*One key point from this source is the following:
The document supports homosexuality by neglecting to cite the Catholic doctrine set forth by the Holy See which teaches that the homosexual orientation is "objectively disordered."

This is a bit more dated but informative, nonetheless:
On Always Our Children
by Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz

It is frustrating but in the end, I donated money. It was probably more than we can afford but I didn't do it because things are great in our diocese. I did it because I love Christ and support my parish/pastor/Pope. I believe in our seminarians and we desperately need good priests here. If someone needs money or goods and I give it to them, I pray that I am not held accountable for the foolish ways the money is(sometimes) spent. There are plenty of worth causes and ministries that are deserving of our tithing at a time when we are all strapped for cash to pay bills, fill our tank and feed our children. Sanctioning a gay "life style" isn't the best use of funds. I pray that it changes some day. That's all I can do.


Kathy said...

My husband and I had issues with our last diocesan appeal too. To make ourselves feel better, we assumed 100% of our donation went to the retired priests and seminarians. None of our money went to those whacked out programs :)

Dymphna said...

I refuse to give to the diocesan appeal. I give directly to the parish and individual chariites in the diocese. Always Our Children is huge in our old parish.

a thorn in the pew said...

I did it because it went to 95% "good things". I would have pledged more if I agreed 100% with how it is being spent. The fringe gay/liberal/non-Catholic junk is a hindrance to many people donating in good conscience. I know many people that don't give a dime. If they realized why people don't donate, they may axe the crap. But then again, maybe they don't care.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

My money goes directly to the Parish, no diocesan appeals for me (yes, I don't trust Mahony with my money)...and give to the Carmelites who run our parish, they're a blessing.