Thursday, April 17, 2008

I dug up the warning signs....

Archdiocesan Committee Chooses Music For Pope's Mass at Nationals Park

When Pope Benedict XVI celebrates Mass at Nationals Park on April 17, he will be accompanied by four choirs totaling 570 members, singing in ten languages from across the Archdiocese of Washington.

He will hear a 65-voice Intercultural Choir with members from 35 countries singing in French, Zulu and Spanish, among others. A 250-voice Papal Mass Choir and a 175-voice Children's Choir will sing in Latin. The uplifting sound of an 80-voice Gospel Choir will ring out across the stadium.

The musical program for the Mass was chosen by an archdiocesan committee, with approval from the Vatican .

Approval. There you have it. He knew what was coming(or someone at the Vatican did.)

All choirs performing the opening Spiritual "Plenty Good Room," newly arranged by Washington Symphonic Brass founder, Phil Snedecor
The Children's Choir singing "Send Forth Your Spirit" by Andrew Wright and "Ave Verum" by Mozart
The Gospel Choir singing "I Call upon You God" by Leon Roberts and "Lord Make Me an Instrument" by Roger Holland
The Papal Mass Choir singing "Sing Aloud Unto God Our Strength" by Daniel Nelson and "Spirit of God Within Me" by Robert LeBlanc.
The Intercultural Choir singing "Let'Isikia" arranged by Tracy McDonnell and "Source d'eau Vive" by C.E. Haugel


deanna said...

I think onpaper everything seemed fine, but when put together it didn't sound fine at all.

Tracy said...

I agree with you Mrs. Thorn!