Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Father Corapi update

Bottom line, Father Corapi has a parathyroid tumor and will be going back to the Mayo Clinic next week for surgery. It's a very rare (1:167,000 men get it) tumor, which 98% of the time not cancerous. The good news is they ruled out lymphoma, which is what they thought he had. He goes through great detail explaining and extolling the Mayo Clinic, his tests, and our obligation to keep our bodies as healthy as we can. He also said for the past 7 months he was too sick to get out bed 70% of the time; intense exhaustion with flu-like symptoms (a result of the excess calcium this type of tumor causes, in addition to osteoporosis). Surgery is the only cure.

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H/T to Prodigal Son for this information.

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Alexander said...

I saw Fr. Corapi in Covington a few years ago at Sacred Heart Radio's event. It was a great talk. We would probably disagree on things like John Paul II's canonization, Vatican II and such but he's still a good priest.