Thursday, April 17, 2008

Debbie Boone

So I'm watching the re-broadcast. I just couldn't get enough of those sweet, sweet tunes the first time around. The Latino song during communion was the same melody as "You Light Up My Life", made famous by none other than Debbie Boone. Then there is the constant bell tinkling. I kept waiting for Tinkerbell to dash across the screen like a firefly. See, I missed these treasures the first time around. To those that planned this event/Mass, you didn't "win". I speak English, I am American and we are not the world. Sorry. You just made the AMChurch look like we are in desperate need of a complete overhaul or that a schism may be somewhere in the future. Other than the elements of the Mass and the Holy Father's presence, I wouldn't have assumed that was anything Catholic.
I made my mother watch it. I said "You have to just to say you watched it". I just called her house and there was no answer. I hope she didn't have an epileptic seizure listening to the shaka-zulu funk. That's all I need on my conscience.

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