Sunday, April 6, 2008

Could she be any creepier?

First McDonald's, now Oprah. I was never a huge Oprah fan but this...ish. Turns my stomach. She will be held accountable for all the souls she leads into this cesspool of new age crap. So John Lennon-ish.


Anonymous said...

as a friend of mine said after viewing this, "makes the whole Obama endorsement thing even more scarry"

Anonymous said...

I felt my spirit being uplifted until I hit play, and then my spirit fled my body for the greater being that has been unleashed from the box and confined to my body. This is a crude and ignorant attempt to form a hybrid of Christianity and Eastern Philosophies. It is only natural that one would move from protestantism to the "New Age" mumbo-jumbo. Protestantism as a whole denies most if not all definitive doctrine with the exception of "Jesus Christ is our personal savior." The "New Age" movement is taking the denial of most doctrines on the part of protestantism to a "new" level, by just going ahead and denying all doctrine in favor of multiple means to reach a universal god. This is nothing new just a rebirth of the ancient beliefs of paganism. The pagans varied in which god(s) they believed, but in this same way felt that they would all end up in their heaven. As opera (not capitalized to show something) said she let god out of her Baptist box, but the thing she fails to mention is that she goes on to limit him to her body or herself; therefore her god is a material god. Her spiritual guide whatever his name was doesn't even want to think about an afterlife, and in this we see that their beliefs lead them to a pure materialist understanding of the soul. The people that buy into this garbage are storing up their treasures on earth where moths and rust will destroy. When their bodies begin to wear away, and their end is near, that is saying the end doesn't come like a thief in the night, then and only then might they find the God who says, "I am the WAY, the Truth, and the Life", "I am the Alpha and the Omega", "Enter through the narrow gate for broad is the gate and wide is the entrance that leads to destruction and many enter therein", or "I am." You notice the highlight of this is a self-seeking, self-indulging, self-gratifying modernistic approach to life. I guess what Protagoras (a Greek Pagan Philosopher) once said holds true for these frauds, "Man is the measure of all things."
What could be a quick cure to the ills of the "New Age" movement is to use logic to try to debunk their illogical statements. Another way to bring and New Ager to understand the absurdities of this philosophy is by pointing out how absurd it is for religions to believe that they are the only way to heaven and yet all religions lead to a different understanding of the same God. Jesus is either a lier or the savior of mankind he cannot be a good man. Christ claimed to be God incarnate, not a god incarnate ( Either Christ is savior or lier and there is no other explanation. I'm sure Muslims feel the same way about their "God." Jews, Catholics, Muslims... We either are right or wrong, because all cannot be right. I PRAY FOR HER SOUL, AND THOSE WHOM SHE IS MAKING TWICE THE SONS OF HELL. OPPS I said the "h...e... double hockey sticks word." If they are not going to think about heaven, there isn't any way they are going to think about eternal damnation. Mainly because there is always a possibility they might end up there. Like failing a test students don't get an "F," but now they receive a unsatisfactory. Students don't fail grades anymore, but they are held back. Our God is a God of Self-esteem, so don't trample mine and I wont trample yours.