Monday, April 21, 2008

Church moves service to strip club

...okay not really but I made you look. And they might have as well moved it there.

New church holds service in bar to reach new people

I don't get it. I mean I can see reaching out and evangelizing people in a bar but moving a service there?
The church's Web site for its new branch advertises "Top regional bands, pizza, wings, rowdy fun & a short message."

They call it Country Rock Church. I'm going to start a church called Stale Beer Foosball Church. I jest. It's Monday. I suppose coffee is getting boring and not drawing the crowds like it used to.

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Samantha said...

These are becoming more popular in Chattanooga too. In fact my uncle and aunt go to one now (Baptist). I'm not sure about the booze aspect, but the motorcycle-lovin'-rock concert-type worship is definitely not for me! Haha. I think they are targeting the weekend party people.. don't even go home and sleep.. just go from bar to church service. Cause when you are out all night at the bar Saturday night, I'm not sure how "clean" you could be for the Eucharist. Sheesh!