Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Planning a route

We are taking a get-away over the kids break in two weeks. What started as an inexpensive excursion has snowballed. Not to be pricey but it is in the Tennessee mountains and we have to pray Mass somewhere. There is only one Catholic Church in the area and if Florida was any indicator, it probably has the tourists(recall the bathing suits at Mass post). As of right now, our safest bet seems to be stopping in Lexington, KY on the way home for the 4 pm Mass. I am grateful to the sites that post Mass times and specifically the times and locations of the growing Latin Mass community. It is one less thing I have to fret over when we leave town. Did I mention we have to listen to a timeshare spiel? I did say it was cheap, right? I will have to report back so you can have the full experience along with us. My kids love stuff like this and doing it on a budget makes it all the better.

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