Monday, March 24, 2008

It needs a name

You know that post-Easter glow? I've had things happen today that should stress me out, upset me and yet, I refuse to cave. I'm holding on to that "IjustwenttoconfessionandcelebratedEasterdontstressme" thing. So far so good. Kids are on Spring Break, happy, not fighting and I'm being productive and sewing(until I stopped to post on the blog). Hmmm. Wonder how long this will last? Did I mention how glorious Mass was yesterday? It's like coming home from a vacation with none of the laundry or chores to catch up on. Only a lot more holy. Middle son whispered half-way through Mass yesterday "This is the holiest day ever". Wow. For me, it may have been and from the sounds of it, for him as well. Back to work.Happy Easter Monday to you and yours!

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