Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can I get an "Amen"?

Our shepherd provided us with the following over the weekend:

Priests to parents: Catholic education is essential

I must highlight this section, it is certainly not the norm across the diocese(what we are leaving behind) much less across the country.

'Many parents have told us that the tuition costs are what prohibit them from being able to enroll their children in Holy Trinity School. So let us remove that issue from your consideration — if you are willing to enroll your children in Holy Trinity School, we promise, as your pastors, to see that your children get an authentic Catholic education. We would only ask of you — if you cannot pay the full tuition — to come talk with us and tell us what you can give in terms of money and what you will donate in terms of time and talent to the work of the school. Lack of money should not deter any faithful parishioner from giving their children an education in the eternal truths and values of our Holy Faith. Raising money for tuition assistance is much easier to do than raising money for paying the light bill of an empty school.

My kids are so excited about school next year. The "fervor" in the body of the letter gives me, as a parent, a comfort I have not experienced because it shows the pastors are worried about saving souls, not the black and the red of books(that will take care of itself when people commit to Christ and His Church).

'We realize this letter might be upsetting to some, but we write it because we are deeply concerned about the salvation of souls, the future of the Church in our communities, and because we are deeply committed to the work of Catholic education. We would not have our faith or our vocations to the priesthood, were it not for the work and witness of Catholic schools.

'As our beloved bishop, the Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, has said since day one of his becoming the chief shepherd of the Diocese of Covington: 'There are many alternatives to Catholic education, but there are no substitutes.'

What a refreshing way to look at a Catholic education. It truly is the business of saving souls. Not just those of the children, but of the community who will reap the benefits of the example these children and the parents will set by joining in this mission.

Anyway, I had to share. It would have been too much to type but it was interesting that something at a parish level was picked up by Matt C. Abbott.

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Val said...

My daughter's catholic education is worth every penny. Our tuition has increased every year and continues to do so, but I will send her there as long as we can afford to do so. I could actually stay home with my new baby if we didn't have the almost $400 monthly tuition, but it is worth it to both of us to make that sacrifice. The quality of the education she is receiving is unmatched, and you cannot place a value on the spiritual aspect.