Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm a grandparent

My youngest got a Tamagotchi for her birthday. I didn't realize the responsibility. This is the latest version and there are 3 to take care of at a time. The first day it lived at our house, dear daughter forgot to put it on pause mode and it left three little presents that I, as the tama-grandmother, had to clean up. The "mess" can be seen below.

Yep, that's tama-poo.
Yesterday, the tama family was ill and because she didn't keep up with them, they wanted to go back to their tama-planet and not be with her anymore. I was worried she would start crying. She came in just a bit ago to let me know she had new eggs and new babies were hatching. Anyway, I taught her about pause mode so that I will not have to clean up after them, feed them or give them medicine while she is gone today. I have a house full of people coming for her birthday on Saturday and I got enough to clean.

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Anonymous said...

wow i didn't know they still made those!! my 18yo used to have one!! thanks for the memories!