Thursday, January 10, 2008

A worthwhile film

I've been so busy preparing the business we are involved in for the "next phase" so my mind has been on other things. I wanted to share a link and review on something that is premiering on your local PBS station. Today's Man is a story filmed by Lizzie Gottlieb about her brother's diagnosis and journey through the life of a man with Asperger's Syndrome. He was diagnosed at age 21 and she films the following six years of his life. Having two son's with Asperger's, it was at times hard to watch and other times so endearing. Here is the link to the PBS site specifically for indie films on which it is featured:
Independent Lens
I see how some comforts and mannerisms are with these "children" for life. The film made me re-think how my life, as a parent, might be. I have often thought about the boys living independently and how that may play out. At a very young age, my daughter(who is the youngest) has already taken on a motherly role with her brothers. I hope that she may have a full life but worry that after my husband and I are gone, she may bear the burden of their care. It is hard to have dreams for your children when there is no sense of where their life is leading. Every day and every year it is something new. Sometimes great progress is made and other times, we see back peddling or slipping away. I never dreamed either of them would make their First Communion. I am thankful that a Catholic school was willing to give them a chance. They are doing well(not perfect) but most importantly, they are learning about Christ, the Church and prayer. The school is a hidden gem when it comes to religion(also academics). In this diocese, it is not the norm.
We are now planning for what the high school years will be like. Unfortunately, this diocese has NO school in place for special needs children. I hear and read of so many across the country who welcome and assist those with special needs in a Catholic school setting and it is such great news. Our diocese paid out so much in the "lawsuit" that education is not a priority. An authentic Catholic education is hard to find, especially at the high school level. So we will keep praying and hoping for the focus to change here. A solid Catholic education is so important in any diocese as it leads to vocations and also children who grow up to be Catholic in every aspect of their lives. It is essential for passing that faith on to their children. The one and only positive I have seen is standardizing the religious education on the high school level here. I suppose true change won't come about until more funding is spent on education and less on social justice and ecumenism(which could include any fellowship type programs that only have a social element). It also begins at the parish level and some are just better at it. I'm sure this is universal. I got a bit side-tracked but that film inspired me to think and plan in ways that are healthy and realistic. It is on again here on KET Sunday at 1 am. I hope to Tivo it for later.

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gemoftheocean said...

I'm sorry to read the difficulties your sons are having. I will keep them and you in my prayers.