Monday, January 28, 2008

Work and talent

I had a rather rough time last night. We received some disappointing news regarding our business. I was both confused and saddened but I am now praying that God lead us. After I spent the better part of the night on the couch, restless and unable to sleep, I prayed that I could just be in the same camp as God. I worry that I try to control or want things that God knows is not the best for me. I want to want what He wants. In my busy life it is hard to be quiet long enough to hear what that is and the only way to change that is to stop what I am doing that is so busy and loud. I picked up Mother Angelica's little book after all this and read:

The Results Of Our Work
We use the talents we possess to the best of our ability and leave the results to God. We are at peace in the knowledge that He is pleased with our efforts and that His Providence will take care of the fruit of those efforts. (from Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality)

I can't control where my business goes or which way it turns. I know what my monthly expenses are and I know how much we need to make to pay those bills. I also know that God gave me the talents and knowledge to do what I do. I just have to trust that He knows how best to make these work in our lives. I know that I am a workaholic and I don't want to be. It takes away from my first responsibilities to God, husband and children. So today I am a bit more at peace hoping all these things will be made known so that I may follow where He is leading. I am much too busy looking way down the highway. I am probably supposed to stop the car and look at the signs right where I am.

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Mrs. L said...

Yes, you are right. You never know why things happen until later when you can look back with a smile and tell God, "Now, I get it!":) I've realized the past year or so how completley cluless I am when it comes to really choosing what's right for me. (especially in regards to my job, and vocation) As soon as I sat back and gave it to God he took over and everything worked out. But I guess God can only work with us when we don't fight him on it:) God Bless