Monday, January 21, 2008

Shocker. BODIES update.

No response from the Cincinnati Museum Center on Bodies The Exhibition. If they wanted to refute any of my objections, they could have emailed a response. Their silence speaks volumes. You can kiss your "family" business goodbye. Selling corpses to our children in the name of education is sinful and borderline satanic. The liberal humanist crowd in Cincinnati never ceases to amaze me.

(Why should we be expected to believe ANYTHING the Chinese government(country) provides as documentation? Last I checked they can't even produce lead-free baby toys. The company involved in the Pittsburgh display fed a bunch of "stuff" to the diocese there and the diocese gave the display a pass. The unborn babies in the exhibit are the most questionable. Natural causes? In China? A pre-term infant? Uhg. Didn't it raise a red flag that one of the men involved was the son of an Nazi SS agent? Man this gives me the creeps!)

Yeah, I'm in a mood. With good reason.

Here's what Archbishop Raymond Burke had to say about this in St. Louis:

TEXT: No Body World Exhibit For Catholic Field Trips
We need some of that same action here, at the very least.

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Tracy said...

Good for you for taking this on and calling them to be accountable for their actions!!