Friday, January 11, 2008

Coming to Cincinnati


Madisono's Gelato and Sorbet, becoming Cincinnati's first gelato producer. This low-fat Italian dessert is made fresh daily and comes in more than 35 flavors. The market location in Glendale offers fresh dipped bars and pints.

There is a place in Mainstrasse that carries it now as well as Findley Market but it should be more widely available soon. Yum. It might not look like that photo but I'm certain it is cheaper than airfare to Rome.


Tracy said...

oh, yummy!!!

Lily said...

Yum! I want some! When you go for your treat, have one for me!

Ma Beck said...

Wait - correct me if I'm wrong.

Gelato is WAY more fattening than ice cream, no?

Gelato has a zillion calories and a zillion fat grams!
They are thinking of sorbet being low fat.

Having said all that, I'd dive headfirst into that bin and eat my way out if I could.

Micki said...

Love your title for this post because.....I'm coming to Cincinnati just for this. We were in Italy last are right..much cheaper to get to Cincinnati. Can't they have licorice?

a thorn in the pew said...

If you click on the bottom section, they have the flavors and who offers this currently.