Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Three strikes? Are we waiting?

US Bishops asked to Fire Chief Film Critic over Glowing Reviews for "Brokeback" and "Compass"

Forbes on CNS
What is the holdup on these two? Is it too much to ask that the reviewers don't give a pass to atheist and homosexual agenda based films? Do not trust anything these men have to say about films. They have the agenda. Maybe more so than the films they are rating and reviewing.
Here's the kicker, the review is still online at Catholic News Service if you Google it under the "cached" tab. Now they decide to remove the review and put up a disclaimer. Oy vey. Here are the links:
What's on there now
What WAS on there

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Lily said...

This is really something. It irks me that this doesn't disturb more Catholics.

a thorn in the pew said...

That photo scares me. That's why I had to put the lovely veiled lady photo above it later today. I think I will find a furry woodland creature picture next.

Tracy said...

that photo scares me too, ha!! But, I love the picture you put above it, just lovely!!

Anonymous said...

We went to see Golden Compass, partly based on the review. The reveiw is actually very acurate about basing the movie on its own merits and not how it relates to the books, HOWEVER, on its own merit, the movie is dull, humdrum, and flat out BORING! It's 2 hours I wish I had spent watching Enchanted or Mr Magicum's Magic Emporium (I know I mispelled that). *sigh* Husbands! (He's the one that really wanted to see it.)

God Bless!