Sunday, December 9, 2007

Excellent movie

Last night I finally was able to see La Vie en Rose on the life of Edith Piaf. It was amazing. The role of Piaf, played by Marion Cottilard was just mesmerizing. I had done quite a bit of research in college on her life and music and this movie did not disappoint. It was a great "curl up with a blanket" movie and the set and costumes were great also. I guess I just didn't expect it to be that good. If you are a fan of her music, you will especially love it. It could have been even longer, as I wanted more attention paid to her loves and songs but it did the job. The little girl who played her in her youth was brilliant and had the prettiest little face. I can recommend it, even if you aren't a big fan. A well crafted movie with attention to detail and period. I may have to buy one on Amazon to keep.

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gemoftheocean said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I love movies, and think I'd enjoy this one.