Thursday, December 20, 2007

Antonietta Meo

She told her mother: "When I suffer, I immediately think of Jesus so I don't suffer anymore! It's simple not to suffer: don't think of your pain, but think of Jesus', because He suffered so much for us that you won't feel anything yourself".

To her father: "Pain is like fabric, the stronger it is, the more it's worth".
To her mother: "When you feel pain, you have to keep quiet and offer it to Jesus for a sinner. Jesus suffered so much for us, but He hadn't committed any sin: He was God. How could we complain, we who are sinners and always offend Him?".

My daughter and I just read over the entire website and she was fascinated because they are the same age. What a powerful witness to young ones! I can see her being the patron saint of childhood illness. A wonderful little soul!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful little girl..will share with my little Jacinta..

a thorn in the pew said...

My mother shared with me that she was in her parish when in ROme and has a booklet about her. My daughter is so interested in this little girl. She said when we read through the quotes on the website "She said that? And she was my age? Whoa." Too funny...