Thursday, October 4, 2007

The thyroid and recovery

I'm venturing out today for a meeting. I'm feeling sluggish but it could just be the medicines. I had someone ask about the research I have done on hypothyroidism and wanted to provide some links. My Virgin Coconut Oil arrived yesterday and I am starting slow with it. Since it is an anti-fungal and anti-viral, we need to replace all hydrogenated oils with this eventually. We only use butter and we do use olive oil so it will just be watching the snack foods and packaged foods for soy and other bad ingredients. Here is the place I purchased the oil from:
Tropical Traditions
I purchased a book along with my order(only 6.99 when you get it with your other items) and I am halfway through it. The effects on not only the thyroid and fertility but also weight loss, heart function, digestion, the list goes on. I had some in my oatmeal this morning and it was amazingly good. I also read in the book of a woman who added to the diet of her child on the autism spectrum and he made remarkable improvements. Here are some testimonials on the Mercola site:
I will continue to report how this is working and the changes I see. I realize I will be making other health changes too. Many thyroid cases go undiagnosed because the blood test that is given is not sensitive enough and many get false negatives. Here is a list of symptoms:
Weight gain
Puffy face
Loss or thinning of eyebrows
Cold intolerance
Low sex drive
Abdominal bloating
Cold hands or feet
Dry or thinning hair
Joint or muscle pain
Thickening of the skin
Recurrent sinus infections
Thin, brittle fingernails
While I do not have all of these symptoms, one I would add to this list is low basal temperature. In my fertility charting I noticed that pre-O, my temps where literally off the chart in the negative. This is a classic sign of hypothyroidism. I hope this helps someone who has had issue with the above symptoms, gone undiagnosed and has trouble getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. If the thyroid isn't functioning properly, the amount of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen are effected. The links above are worth the read.


cordelia said...

hey that's me too!! my temps are down in the little squares for charting cm!!!!! have you heard anything about "vitex" an herbal supp. for boosting prog. by stimulating the pituatary?

a thorn in the pew said...

Yes, I was on all the herbal support for fertility except vitex because I was on clomid. I plan to go on vitex in either December or January as I have a great place online I have been buying. I have to give the thyroid recovery a go because I feel this is where God is leading me. I need to be healthy badly.

Anonymous said...

i took thyroxine for a while although my thyroid levels were normal...

Tracy said...

Wow, that sounds just great, I think I would like to try it just for the health benefits.

Tracy said...

oops, to be clear on what I meant, I would like to try the Virgin Coconut Oil for the health benefits.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe that's a contributing factor for me too. I've always had a low body temperature, same as my mom, and when I started charting my BBT I had to re-work my chart because it didn't go down low enough! I'll have to think about this...

Hope you're well.

God Bless!