Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anyone else get this?

Crisis Magazine is no more. They have gone to an online only publication. Apparently, many Catholic publications are being drowned.

From the Email/letter from NOR:

The Tridentine Latin Mass, writes Benedict, "has been a spur to the spiritual life of many saints, has reinforced many peoples in the virtue of religion and fecundated their piety." We at the NOR firmly believe in the power and magnetism of the Tridentine Latin Mass, and in its ability to revitalize the Faith and re-establish a true Catholic culture in the midst of general moral decline. Catholic Tradition is the key to the future strength of the Church.

Just an excerpt, but along with this, they need to cover more expenses with the increase in postage. I did not renew my print edition to the NOR. Mostly because I was taking so long to read them due to my busy life. The online version is more expensive than the print. Go figure. I think so many Catholics now go to the Internet sites for news and reading. I had a subscription awhile back to the Register and I let that expire too. I do so much of my business work online when I am not working in the studio and seldom have time to read print editions. I worry that I am wasting my money when it takes me so long to read. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting analysis and some important information.

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Micki said...

Just found your blog and don't know if I'm suppose to ask for your permision but I'd love to put you in my "links."
If you would like to use any of my holy cards on your blog, please help yourself. I'd appreciate a h/t though. I've got a lot to catch up here on your blog. Thanks.