Friday, September 28, 2007

Yuck, It's all green and stuff

What can you do?
Rich L. outlines what a lovely parish near St. John Cantius is doing to bring souls to Christ.
Old St. Patrick's Church
They even have the "G.W." words on there. Kack. What ever happened to the business of saving souls in a Catholic parish? Is it passe?

My "parish" is bent on making millions not for the poor, sacramental life but for self-important, fun things. Did I mention my kids said they aren't "doing confessions" this year? Nice. Boy they gots lots o' monies there so that's okay if they don't want to "do confessions" or any other silly sacraments. Yes, don't lecture me, we are working on joining the "other parish" I have been milling over for months. I love being Catholic, I truly do. I'm just growing so weary of the politics, money grubbing and junk lately. It all hit me this week when I was scared and needing spiritual guidance and realized I'm without a priest to get me through this. I talked to a friend last night that said she knows of so many more in our diocese that are in the same position as I am(no parish, no priest). If it were as easy as getting up and moving, I would. I know I turned this into a rant but I've had a rough week and I am really needing the ear and heart of a good priest right now and it is eating me up that it is not going to happen. God, help me through this. I'm not faring well.


Lily said...

I have been in the same boat...I need spiritual direction and asked our local priest. He actually told me he had no idea how to help me. SIGH How on earth is a priest 25 years in the business of saving souls and he cannot manage to counsel on a common struggle people suffer through? I was very distressed, and disheartened. We need more good men in the priesthood. Our only hope is to pray.

Ma Beck said...

Everyone in town knows OSP is a joke.
I once heard my pastor give a grand rant about their "World's Largest Block Party" B.S.
It was great.