Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disappointing and sad

I have been catching up on news and visiting some blogs and came across this: About my post on the Josephinum and Summorum Pontificum
I pray constantly for those dear seminarians and worry that they have to stifle any shred of orthodoxy.(The priest from my "parish" left to become a spiritual director remember, the one who was a fan of Commonweal and Liberation Theology....sigh). Please keep these men in your prayers. Fr. Z had to delete the original post it got so heated. I can say I believe some of the things going on and it is upsetting. I'm half glad he removed the post because I may have gone postal reading it.
One thing I have come to learn in the last year is that I was content going to my parish for a very orthodox Novus Ordo Mass until the new priest came in. Everything changed. I searched in vain for another parish offering a Mass that was not riddled in abuses nearby. We settled on the indult Mass because those worries of surprises and hokey songs were not an issue there. Seminarians shouldn't be labeled "traditional", "orthodox" or "liberal". None of us should. If the bishops were following the Holy Father and then the people and priests followed the bishops this would be a non-issue. If the liberals(see, now I have to use "titles") want to know WHY some of us have jumped the fence and consider ourselves traditional or orthodox, they can blame themselves. I was content where I was until the whole "community", "fellowship" and "we are all God because we are community/church" came into play. Heresy. That and knock-off Protestantism. I did not remain a Catholic to be a pseudo-Protestant. (You can chalk this entry up to pregnancy hormones, I don't care...I'm just saddened over it) See, you wonder why I haven't blogged on Catholic issues and news lately. I can't trust my fingers to not type my opinion. Just pray for these dear priests-to be from our diocese.


cordelia said...

i totally missed the post on fr. z's blog!! guess that's what happens when i try to take a day off from blogging!! can you just give the gist of the post?! pretty please?

a thorn in the pew said...

See, I did too. I only saw what is on there now. I just know that all is not well, that's what I am saying. I think Fr. Z will update or comment after he has time to digest the emails.

Lily said...

Yes, I often find the need to keep my trap shut or I will state what I really feel. I've about stopped speaking with my priest on a personal level...he's upset with me for discussing how a neighboring church was so liberal we couldn't identify it as Catholic. Our bishop is doing something he has named, "Called to be Church" and every time I read the paper with an update about the process I feel a little nausea coming on. It does make me want to cry.

I am praying for all priests everywhere to wake up and smell the incense. That is, of course, if they remember where they stashed it in the closet. I'm also praying for vocations of a new crop of 'traditional' priests. Yes, I've resorted to the labels as well...we definitely want to know what we are walking into when we go to Mass. It is sad, but true. Not all Masses are the same, in fact, not all are recognizable as Mass anymore. SIGH.