Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cincinnati. Uh-oh.

Fr. Z. has reported the latest from the Cincinnati Archdiocese. Oddly enough, our diocese here in Covington has been hush-hush about Summorum Pontificum. The one parish(YES ONE) that looked hopeful was shot down. You may recall me blogging on the magic number 100 as the standard for allowing the extraordinary rite anywhere in the diocese. This number cannot include children or non-parishioners. Currently, there are many traditionalists without a parish. I know many of them.
This so-called "test" over the river is silly. Why is there no standard for the Novus Ordo? That's just a free-for-all and no one jumps in to stop the madness. Father jests about the Cincinnati Inquisition. Given the nature of our region, that may be exactly what happens. The word "stable" and "large" seem to be equated in the norms given as well. How will the Mass ever grow if we have to fill freaking quotas?
I'm getting my bowels in an uproar(obviously) and I need to get to the lab.


cordelia said...

"can't include children" for real? are you serious? That is really amazing...hope your test #s are good...prayers

Anonymous said...

I think the whole letter is ridiculous. We haven't heard anything official (that I'm aware of) here in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but then our priest doesn't like that he has to "work" with a hierarchy, sad but true.

I do think there should be "standards" for the current Mass that are "policed" and re-enforced. Again, our priest is a little on the lacking side. He does a good job, just not "up to code" so to speak.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

OH! And good luck with the lab results!

Alexander said...

Hopefully the Ecclesia Dei Commission can clarify and enforce the norms. That is what they are supposed to due with Summorum Pontificum.

One can only hope that sometime before September 14th or shortly after the EDC will put something out to interpret SP the correct way. The Archbishop’s vigilance about the TLM is very strange and yet almost expected. He is issuing a committee to observe if a priest can do it right? Hmmm…. And I think he might be wrong about how a priest can’t just start saying a TLM without a stable group and about the “only one TLM per Sunday” thing. These and a few other things in SP have been tossed about with several different interpretations. It is up to the EDC to clear this stuff up. Hopefully very soon.

Further still I wish the Archbishop would have a committee to see if the Novus Ordo is being correctly done. I can attest to the fact that EVERY Novus Ordo Mass I have been to in this archdiocese has abuses. They vary between parishes. The one in my hometown is horrible and the next one over is even worse. That my friends is a double-standard from the Archbishop, there I said it!

Also, Fr. Wojdelski who drives from Indiana to Dayton (Our Lady of the Rosary) and then on the same day to Cincinnati (Sacred Heart Church) to say the TLMs told me a few weeks ago that if the FSSP does not get some kind establishment in the Archdiocese then they are “gone” as he puts it. The traveling FSSP priests to this archdiocese are only a temporary thing. But that does not mean the TLM will stop (I assume). If only the Archbishop would give the FSSP their own parish or two.. wouldn’t that be nice.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you saw this, simply wanted to pass it along, thought you might get a kick out of it.