Friday, August 24, 2007

So I'm driving the kids to school...

and we come across this donkey. He is an escapee. He has a friend, a horse(of course) who is looking at him outside the fence and thinking "Dude, how'd you get out there? That is sweet!" So next thing you know, mom turns down the music and pulls out my phone to call 911. At this point, I realize I'm about to say something really ridiculous to dispatch. There is a donkey at stake, I can't be prideful. "There is a donkey in the road who has escaped", says I. "A donkey?" says she. "Uh huh, I think it's a problem." The kids were enjoying this donkey drama and I drop them off and return home. On the way past donkey's home, I didn't see him. Either he sensed that he was getting busted or someone wrangled him elsewhere. Oddly enough, I don't live in the "country". It's just Kentucky, horses and animals everywhere. Should we pray for the donkey? Eh, I think he's okay. So that's my morning thus far.


Lily said...

Do you always have your camera with you? Or is that a pic from somewhere else?

We live in the country, quite rural actually. I have had bears cross the road in front of me, a friend of mine actually hit one! There is some sort of wild cat that is continually spotted around here (can't remember if it is a mountain lion, bob cat or what), of course we have fox and coyotes, coydogs are a real problem in town this summer. I've never seen a donkey, stray sheep, llamas and runaway cows (funny sight watching a farmer chase down a cow) but never donkeys! LOL!

I can imagine they'd have thought you were nuts calling in a donkey! Our biggest problem is the groundhogs that make holes big enough for small children to fall into. Oh and the deer that eat our apples.

a thorn in the pew said...

No, that's not "our" donkey. Heck, I'd be like Jimmy Olson...haha. See, you have the animal dilema driving. It is wierd, it just is.