Sunday, July 15, 2007

What happened?

This is one of those days in my spiritual life when I can only scratch my head and ask "What in tarnation just happened?" Yesterday we replaced my husbands wrecked car with a PT Cruiser, I went to the hospital with severe abdominal pains(unexplained and still there, sharp, sudden and doubles me over) and today I barely hobbled to Mass(I was determined) and the entire Cathedral shook from an oncoming storm during the Te Deum(for the anniversary of our bishop...I know, weird) and it has just continued to get weird. It has gone from weird to mega-weird(something my son would say). I'm frustrated, in pain and confused. The photo above is indicative of my weekend and the unrest and confusion I feel. I am the egg at the top with the round eyes and the little straight mouth. Impending doom? Spiritual warfare? Lions, tigers and bears? I feel like it is all of the above.
(The egg in the middle is simply a big event, I'm not mourning a dead egg)
Confused? So am I.


Lily said...

AWWW, prayers for you.

Ma Beck said...

Wow, Thornie!
I hope your day got better... I will keep you in my prayers.