Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a couple of days I have had.

Seriously. We are still reeling from the car accident and my husband spent the day at the hospital finding he has internal swelling that has been causing him severe pain that was continuing to get worse. This was preceded by a day of prepping for the July4th/birthday bash and the day of prepping. Mr. Thorn had promised everyone ribs and roasted corn so that is what was prepared. Except for the torrential rains, the day was nice and we pulled it off. We've just had so many "goings ons" of late that it seemed overwhelming.

I'm up late, can't sleep and was hoping to take the 3 kids to 8 am Mass in the morning. Hopefully I will still be able to do that. Just can't sleep. Perhaps I am nervous about the motu proprio. I promise I am not one of those that expects this will change the universe. Nor do I want a "Tridentine" only world. My prayer is that it is celebrated and has a positive impact on the whole Church. Honestly, my children have seen the difference in the rites, they see the difference in the reverence and the importance placed on the Eucharist. That's all I could ask for. I just want to give them what I never had...awe and reverence for Christ and His Church. Hopefully the Tridentine Rite will effect the Novus Ordo in the long run. Maybe not even in my lifetime but that's okay too. Honestly, I just pray for a return of the sacred, the holy, the tradition and the beauty of our faith. I want us to be Catholic again. That's it. If it's gradual, okay. It's better than we had a year ago or ten years ago.

Still not sleepy. Sigh. There have been some interesting stories in the news and I've just been too busy with life and family to read. Here's hoping for a relaxing weekend...for a change.

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