Friday, July 13, 2007

Still my hero

In a laughable and secularist article, the Holy Father is put under a microscope for his latest moves that are just a tad traditional.
Is Pope Benedict turning back Catholic clock?
If I, as a Catholic, cared even a little over what the secularist press had to say of my hero, I'd be in deep muck. While I believe we should be Christ-like to others of all nations, I do not believe in leaving our faith at the door on the way in for talks. I do not try and hide my faith because it serves no purpose. If it is not an integral part of who I am then I am not being true to myself.

"The basic debate after Vatican II was 'should we become more like the world, more modern, more relevant in order to meet it halfway, or is the world heading off in the wrong direction and the last thing we want to do is follow it?'" Allen said.

Um, lemme think. The latter. That should be a no brainer. It goes on:

For most of the immediate period after Vatican II, modernizers won the day even though church attendance fell and the number of men who left the priesthood rose.

Again, I thank God I am Catholic. I truly hope, as the article says, we have made a sharp turn toward our Catholic tradition and a leaner, meaner future.

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Servus Dei said...

We must also remember, at least those of us who have used an old analog clock, that a clock should be moved back if it is keeping the wrong time. Which is exactly what the Holy Father is trying to do with Summorum Pontificum.

BTW, just got my latest copy of the Messenger. I wish that I could tell the Bishop to consult someone other than the Presbyteral Council, because they will overwhelmingly go against anything that smacks of orthodoxy. Pray that the Bishop may be guided by the Holy Spirit to establish more Traditional Latin Masses in our diocese.

a thorn in the pew said...

I saw that, nervous is an understatement. I think those priests and religious interested in bringing the extrodinary rite to Covington are the ones who should be consulted as they will be the foot soldiers. Asking those with an "anti" agenda is defeatist on many levels. Prayers...agreed. My kids pray for the Tridentine Rite and that mommy gets a baby every day :)