Sunday, July 1, 2007

Not enough praise.

I wanted to share a wonderful order of sisters who are local. By "not enough praise". I mean given to those who do for others, everyday, without thanks and praise.

Sisters of Saint Joseph the Worker

They are a small order here but are faithful, true and humble. I'm really trying to find the good things about this diocese. These sisters are one of them. Here is a link on a recent story that was published in the Catholic Telegraph.
Hamilton native talks about life with St. Joseph sisters Enjoy! They are just wonderful. The Passionists here do not have a website or I would link to them too.


Seven times blessed said...

These Sisters are awesome! They were on a trip with us two years ago to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama(Great place to go by the way). They were so fun, and sweet and reverent. Another great order in our Diocese is the Franciscan Daughters of Mary in Covington--Full habits, pro-life mission as well as helping the poor. God bless.

a thorn in the pew said...

I'm still "out" in my take on the Franciscan Daughters of Mary. One left to work for a wage somewhere, other odd things. I'm just not slanted either way on them. Just confusing is my point. The other things you say about them are definately true.

a thorn in the pew said...

Ok, this is funny. I just found out tonight we may have a mutual friend. She's a homeschooler too that said she talked to you yesterday. Wow, what a small world. I feel less "alone" in this diocese.

Seven times blessed said...

Oh dear, I talked to a lot of homeschooling moms yesterday. I wonder which one it was. But it is good to know of the connection. I suppose it's not too surprising-- birds of a feather and all. God bless