Friday, June 29, 2007

What a bunch of garbage.

This is the news for morons for today:

A betrothal proposal

• They cite confusion about church teaching because church leaders send mixed messages about sex, contraception, and divorce/annulment.

• Some disagree with church teaching on premarital sex and cohabitation.

Just because there is confusion doesn't make it right. Figures, Jesuit run University(Nebraska....probably hacked off over something) and we consider these two to be an authority on Catholic marriage? This turns my stomach. Then we use betrothal as some paltry reasoning behind the mortal sin. Great. The reason couples are confused is because one priest will tell them you cannot be cohabiting prior to marriage and another, well, anything goes. If priest's would have a backbone, there would be no debate on this. Again, our Church is not a democracy. If people(and laypeople at that) are trying to make it a democracy, then that is what it will be. Why even have the 10 Commandments, or scripture, the catechism, the hierarchy? I mean really? Is there any point? Just when you are thinking bishops and such will adopt this new way of looking at pre-marital sex romps, someone with his eyes on Christ steps in:

Archbishop calls CU professors' essay contrary to Catholic doctrine

"Because the position of the authors is contrary to church teaching about the intrinsic evil of fornication, I have disassociated the Omaha Archdiocese from the Center for Marriage and Family at Creighton University," Curtiss wrote.

Thank GOD someone has some sense. Seriously. I'm sick of anyone going against Church teaching when it comes to mortal sin. Quit doctoring it up and making the Church out to be some dinosaur. According to the bishop, these two(it seems) just play theologians on television(so to speak). Also, take note of the sidebar on that last link where a rabbi, and 2 pastors weigh in on this. Only the Church of Christ minister has caved.
Bottom line, stop allowing people who are living in sin to be married. If cohabiting/having sex prior to marriage is an "okay" sin now, when a priest does marry them they will have abortions, use birth control and have affairs. Really they can have their pick of the Commandments to break. Why not? A priest allowed them to start their married lives in sin WITH his approval. Stop this madness. It's not Catholic. Quit making your own damn rules and find a new church.

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Lily said...

Like there isn't enough confusing information out there, Catholic publications need to print this? I understand freedom of the press (yadda yadda) but Catholic publishers need to stick to a higher moral ground for their content. There should not have been a Catholic publisher who would have touched that story with a ten foot pole. It would have come out in the press but not the Catholic press. Now, confused, cafeteria Catholics are going to be more confused and think they just read an article endorsing this behavior, approved by the church. I hope there is more said about that by the Archbishop.