Monday, June 18, 2007

De Fide and class action lawsuit

De Fide
DE FIDE, a California non-profit specializing in the use of Canon Law against Heresy, aims to stop the monumental scandal of baptized Catholics claiming in the public forum to be Christian while professing the life-threatening Right-to-Murder heresy.

The crisis is outrageous - it is completely unacceptable - it must be stopped. Otherwise, we, and our children, and our children's children stand more to lose than simply our lives: We risk losing our salvation.

Please help DE FIDE defend the Church and the Faith.

All Americans have grounds to defend the inalienable right to life enshrined in the Natural Law and Declaration of Independence, and as such, this case is not just about a heresy against a 2,000 year-old dogma of the Christian Faith.

Canon 1476 of the Code of Canon Law, from the point of view of capacity to sue, ANY ONE, be he Catholic, non-Catholic Christian, Jewish, even just non-religious may file a suit and plead before a Catholic Ecclesiastical court or judge.

In order to join in filing the class-action denunciations and lawsuits, your contact details are required for us to be able to keep you posted on the status of the case.

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