Monday, June 11, 2007

Creation Museum "Adam" is a bedroom contortionist

Eric Linden who was picked by the Creation Museum to play "Adam" has a checkered past. It seems that fundamentalists don't do background checks.
Creation Museum's 'Adam' Has Sinful Past

Whatever. References to a clothing line that is trendy and not "sinful"....yeah, okay. I suppose we need to detail our definition of sinful. I suggest you don't visit the SFX clothing line he represents. His "news" page claims it is trendy and not pornographic, I beg to differ. The funny s**t page sums it, it's pornographic. Nuff said.

Tip for fundamentalist who think dinosaurs were on the ark and that Catholics suck: do your homework, run a background check and question why "Adam" is comfortable in the buff. I am not shocked. I promise.

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