Sunday, June 17, 2007

Are you a biased-church-sitter?

Do you always sit on the same side or section of the church? Do you get secretly miffed if someone is in your spot? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

My family usually takes up one pew on the right side the church. I generally do not care much either way for closer to the sanctuary or farther from. We usually sit on the right side due to our preference to receive Christ directly from our priest.

Musical Monk said...

never miffed, except at myself for not picking out a tie sooner, hence being on time.

Anita Moore said...

I started sitting in the same spot at daily Mass because it was the farthest away from the door, and hence the cold air, during winter. As a creature of habit, I developed a preference for that spot, and I have to admit to feeling grumpy every time somebody beats me to it. It takes an effort to shrug it off.

Ma Beck said...

Yes, we always sit on the Epistle side, close to Father K's confessional.
Yesterday we moved up a few pews in order to feel the fan blowing.
Naw, as long as I'm in the general area, I'm okay.
(Though at times where I've sat in other parts of the church, I've thoroughly enjoyed it, looking at all the art I never see, different windows, etc.)

Ma Beck said...

And when I was a child at St. Michael's we ALWAYS, ALWAYS sat in the pew next to the stained glass window "given by John J. Kelly."
No one EVER sat there but us - every family seemed to have their own pew.
(Small church, back then.)

Ashley said...

I sit on the Gospel side, near the front for a variety of reasons... more likely to receive communion from priest, creepy guy who used to stalk a friend of mine before she entered the cloister sits on Epistle side, easier to find and sit with friends if we always sit in the same general area, the fewer people in front of me means fewer distractions.
However, for ordinations and other such events when our usual space is reserved for priests and seminarians we have an alternate preferred seating area on the epistle side behind the ambo.